Sketchbook 101

February 17, 2010

Just a peek into one of my recent Christmas projects…

The only thing more satisfying than keeping a sketchbook filled with your own thoughts and doodles, is keeping one that is yours inside and out. Last year, thanks to a friend who is tirelessly passionate about bookbinding, I learned how to hand bind sketchbooks. Then from a combination of her expertise, a few you tube videos, and my mother’s sewing finesse, I started Dave off with a set of personalized sketchbooks. The goal: to never have to buy another overpriced and ordinary sketchbook again.

row of hand bound sketchbooks

Here’s the idea: Each sketchbook is covered in basic millboard with a different colored binding (for filing purposes). They’re all made to fit in one removable cover I made out of a recycled old leather jacket. Thus, the leather is already worn, aged, and soft. The books are bound so that they open flat, and are the perfect size for sketching on your lap.


In fear of collecting more stuff that needs to be packed in 8 months when we move again, I have been seeking design ideas that are ready-made packing solutions. Perhaps lazy moving can actually be done with some class. The following are a collection of ideas that branch from the mindset, “close it up and throw it in the truck”.

crates as shelves

from: The Holiday Girl 928


crate shelves

From: The Holiday Girl 928


suitcase side table

from: m.bibelot



open suitcase storage

from: Lola Nova


suitcase as coffee table

from: The Dog and Wardrobe

guitar case table

coffee table from our apartment