Streetcar Shorts

March 22, 2010

Riding the street car everyday, despite its relaxing and carefree nature, is generally anything but uplifting. It seems to bring out the worst in people: their selfish need to steal a seat, their ignorance towards those who need that seat more than they do, their herd mentality, and their apparent deafness that requires them to play their i-pod at some obnoxious volume. But, there is the odd time that I’m privileged to witness a truly heartfelt moment…

The other night Dave and I were boarding the streetcar on Queen Street around Leslieville. After having had a few drinks at a nearby Irish pub, I took the steps up somewhat…lets say…sloppily. Off falls one shoe, bouncing down the steps towards the closing doors. I sheepishly yelp towards the driver, “wait! my shoe….” The car goes silent and the driver holds the door as Dave climbs back down and retrieves the lonely black slipper. I stand awkwardly on one foot, center stage, awaiting my shoe. When Dave puts it before me I look up to a car full of truly concerned passengers. One hipster sitting in the second row grins and says, “I guess you found your prince charming!” How true…

It seems there are a few instances that can shake the everyday streetcar rider from their oblivious routine, igniting a shared sense of concern; I guess the potential loss of a pointy toed black flat is one of them.


One Response to “Streetcar Shorts”

  1. Kim Says:

    Heehee – I love it! Glad you saved your shoe šŸ™‚

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